The Executive/PA Masterclass

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Course Format
Course Methodology

This is a highly interactive course which uses several group and individual role plays. You will be constantly engaged in practical group and individual activities which will allow you to immediately test and apply your learning. Moreover, the use of several self-assessment tests will enable you to discover your hidden talents and areas of improvement. Finally, you will get an opportunity to discuss, share and find solutions to your work challenges in a supportive environment.

Target Audience

Executive and personal secretaries, personal assistants, senior clerks, senior administrators and others with the potential to become office managers.

Target Competencies
  • Forward thinking
  • Emotional control
  • Building and maintaining systems
  • Image building
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Handling stress
  • Service orientation
Learning Objectives
  • Practice advanced administration techniques to effectively run the office of a senior manager.
  • Build excellent relationship with the manager and maximize productivity.
  • Acquire modern concepts and strategies related to the job in order to carry out responsibilities with a high degree of competence.
  • Apply professional business-writing techniques in e-mails.
  • List the main causes of stress and prepare an action plan to keep it under control.
  • Prepare and organize a professional meeting, write its agenda and take minutes accurately.
  • Demonstrate professional skills in communicating with the internal/external public in an effective manner.
Duration: 10 Days

6th – 17th May, 2024
9th – 20th September, 2024

  1. Understanding the strategic role of today’s executive assistant
  2. Working ‘with’ versus working ‘for’ your leader
  3. The challenges impacting the 21st century administrators
  4. The competencies of the modern personal assistant
  5. Self-empowerment: creating your own mission statement
  6. Developing forward thinking: being a proactive thinker
  7. Using technology to get things done
  1. Definition of EI
  2. The conceptual model
  3. Understanding the four dimensions of EI:
    • Awareness of own role
    • Management of own responsibilities
    • Awareness of office politics and environment
    • Management of stakeholders
  4. Recognizing how stress and feelings affect performance
  5. Applying EI in building relations and dealing with difficult situations
  1. Building excellent relationships with colleagues
  2. Dealing with difficult personalities
  3. Developing self-confidence and assertiveness
  4. Presenting your ideas and influencing others
  5. Effective Business writing:
  6. Writing powerful emails
  7. Writing minutes of the meeting
  1. Planning
  2. Setting SMART objectives
  3. Writing your personal goal setting plan
  4. Organizing
  5. Delegating effectively  
  6. Setting task priorities
  7. Directing/leading
  8. Understanding the team dynamics
  9. The coaching clinic
  10. Controlling
  11. Setting useful metrics
  12. Building and maintaining systems 
  1. Forging a customer service culture in your office 
  2. The importance of internal customer service
  3. Making your department customer friendly
  4. Dealing with visitors 
  5. Creativity tools for decision making
  6. Definition of creativity
  7. Creativity tools for generating improvements 
  8. The personal creativity profile
  9. Stress management
  10. Identifying causes of stress
  11. The personal stress worksheet
  12. Time management preventive measures

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