Corporate Communications: PR and Media Skills

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Course Format
Dates and Fees
Course Overview

Professionals in public relations (PR) should be ready to apply their knowledge at all times to present a favorable impression of their organization. They need to be equipped to act rapidly in case of an emergency. By making the necessary efforts to establish a strong reputation during prosperous times, your company will be able to survive the bad news should a crisis occur. In this course, participants will get an understanding of their job as public relations specialists, verbal and written communication skills, and the capacity to assess crisis situations and deal with the media while enhancing the organization's reputation.

Course Methodology

The course offers a variety of learning tools to help participants work successfully and efficiently, and it is designed to be collaborative and participatory. The following learning pillars make up the course: trainer- led presentations, group activities, roundtable discussions, video clips, case studies, and debriefing.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training course you will:  

 Examine and evaluate contemporary PR ideas and tactics in a range of situations.

 judiciously evaluate certain PR strategies and tactics to connect them to the workplace

 Showcase essential PR abilities in editing, production, and tactics for verbal and written communication.

 Utilize the primary PR media skills  In public, prepare, present, and deliver compelling oral messages

 Utilize their PR abilities as marketing resources

 Develop programs for regular and effective relationship building. 

Target Audience

Managers and supervisors in the fields of human resources, marketing, sales, training, and administration, as well as other important employees whose jobs need contact and engagement with both internal and external audiences. This course will also be helpful to managers and staff members who work in the media.

Target Competencies

 Verbal and non-verbal communication

 Presentation skills  Influencing

 Time management

 Evaluating

 Decision making



$3,950.00 Fees + VAT as applicable

(including coffee breaks and a buffet lunch daily)

Duration: 10 Days

18th – 29th March, 2024

9th – 20th September, 2024

Definition, Roles, and Situations Qualities for Successful PR Staff PR and Ethical Behavior


Exchange of Information Models of the Communication Process Overcoming Barriers to Communication The PR Officer as Communicator Body language is crucial in public relations efforts.

Identity, reputation, and corporate image Activities Focused on the Public and Community Social and civic engagement

Communication with the media fostering positive media relations Performing Live or Recorded Interviews How to Deal with the Media in Emergency Situations


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