Advanced Data Management and Analysis for Agriculture

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Course Overview

Data management includes the utilization of extensive databases of agricultural information by farmers, businesses, and governmental organizations helps them make decisions about crop production and management strategies and improves their projections of nutrient and water availability. It's critical to comprehend the value that all of this farm data offers to the producer. Producers can recognize and quantify the factors that are restricting productivity by using farm data to guide input management and other agricultural decisions.

Data collection has increased dramatically across the board in agriculture, food, and life sciences, from plant breeders gathering phenotypic data to drones photographing fields to businesses compiling sales data. Professionals in business, government, non-government organizations, and academia require post- baccalaureate training in order to properly gather, manage, and analyze data and then use that data to make informed decisions.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training course you will:  

 Hone your research design, data management, and analysis, and rural development skills.

 Become knowledgeable about integrating gender concerns into agricultural and rural development.

 Recognize the significance of achieving food security in achieving the SDGs.

 Learn how to enhance M&E systems for the security of food and nutrition.

 Hone their ability to appraise food and nutrition effect analysis.

$3,950.00 Fees + VAT as applicable

(including coffee breaks and a buffet lunch daily)

Duration: 10 Days

5th – 16th August, 2024

11th – 22nd November, 2024

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