Effective Records Management and Filing Systems Training


This course is designed for workers who have responsibilities for record management whether they are in the public or private sector. The course will expose delegates to recent knowledge in records management as well as consider the opportunities and challenges brought by electronic information technologies. Participants will also learn various issues relating to organizational environment for conventional and electronic record keeping.

All correspondence with clients, financial information, market and clients’ facts are all kept in files. With inefficient filing and record management practices, your agency can lose time, money and information.



Participants will be able to gain the following benefits and knowledge:

  • Better awareness of the importance of proper Record Management practices in an Organization
  • Ability to organize the records of the company in a more systematically and efficient manner
  • Able to increase basic knowledge on Record Management
  • Able to increase efficiency in processing the records/ files of the company especially on the aspect of arrangement, keeping, filing retrieving, maintaining and dispositioning of records
  • Good and efficient Record Management Practices will result in cost saving and increase in efficiency


Theory and practice in Record Management

  • Record Management is a technique in management.
  • Life cycle of records – creation, usage/ maintenance and disposition/disposal
  • Categories of records
  • Benefits of Record Management Programme
  • Types of records
  • Uses and importance of records to an agency

File Operation/Alphabetic Records Management, Equipment, and Procedures

  • Opening and closing of files
  • Correspondence and files, control of incoming and outgoing mail.
  • File titles and classification in a filing system
  • Use of practical file covers
  • Minute papers – its uses and functions
  • Control of records / file movement


Security requirement and characteristics of a good record / filing room

  • Suitability, location of records room.
  • Basic requirement, security, precaution against fires, flood.
  • Restriction, accessibility to records.
  • Control on environment, temperature, humidity, cleanliness.
  • Control of records destroyers / enemies
  • Use of suitable filing equipment.
  • Salvaging of wet records.

Electronic filing system and operation.

  • Comparison and differences between paper records and electronic filing – Paper records vs electronic records

Rules / Regulation Governing Record Management

  • Acts and Ordinance
  • Directives and related circulars
  • Awareness on the existence of various rules pertaining to Record Management
  • What is our responsibility.

Last stages in Record Management – Final Destiny

  • What happens to records
  • Different values of records and its usage
  • How to determine the methods of disposal of records
  • Activities involved in disposition / disposal of records

Records and Information Management

  • Elements of  a RIM Program
  • Responsibilities
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Knowledge Management
  • Records Retention Schedule

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