Leadership, delegation, motivation, communication, and vision are key components that make up an effective and successful manager. In this training course, participants will be exposed to the best practices and behaviors to help them build these components, leverage powerful techniques for getting best from people, and use proven management models to design a blueprint for personal success.

What You Will Learn:

  • Application of core management behaviors and techniques to deliver results
  • Use leadership skills to inspire and unite employees within the organization
  • Motivating people and building successful teams
  • Effective verbal communication in all situations with all manner of People
  • Motivating and empowering your team through effective communication

Key Topics:

  •  Strategic Business Planning Skills
  • Best Practices of Contemporary Management
  • Working with People More Effectively
  • Managing With Emotional Intelligence (EI)
    v Understanding Leadership Styles
    v Essential Communication Techniques
    v Building Productive and Winning Team
    v Coaching & Mentoring
    v Problem Solving and Decision Making
    v Motivating Individuals for Performance
    v Applying Your Management Style