Succession Planning and Management

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Course Overview

A business's ability to function normally after a key position becomes vacant is ensured by succession
planning. A corporation may need a succession plan to preserve internal corporate expertise, pinpoint
areas where training is necessary to close skill gaps, and invest in its workforce. Finding candidates with
the appropriate skill sets and talent to fill the open position is made easier by the process.
Making sure your team has the skills, potential, and ability to serve as managers and leaders in the future,
as well as understanding and promoting the values and behaviors linked to your organization's future
ambitions, is crucial. The availability of skilled workers who are ready to take on strategic and leadership
responsibilities when they become available is increased via succession planning.
There should be a pool of leaders available to take on bigger roles when they become available for the
business. Succession Planning is the cornerstone for dealing effectively with unexpected recruiting
situations. Having identified and produced replacements/successors for business-critical positions is a
must for organizational survival in today's fiercely competitive global business climate. This is how
succession planning works.
Your ability to proactively create and implement a talent management and succession strategy to support
business performance, recruiting, and retention will be strengthened by this training. Additionally,
delegates will learn crucial performance management practices that will boost talent development and
performance in both individuals and teams.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training course you will:  

Plan out in detail the skills and values of your human resources
 Determine and evaluate the individual's present level of competence.
 Put in place a talent development strategy that will help you develop and keep potential employees.
 The main characteristics of the upcoming leadership generation should be identified and strengthened.
 Plan and carry out a cost-effective succession strategy.
 process improvements for performance management
 to keep track on the progress of your workforce, produce monitoring reports and statistics.

Organizational Advantage
The following advantages will accrue to the firm when its personnel take this course:
 Following the departure of a company's most crucial employees to pursue new career opportunities,
retire, or pass away, holistic succession planning maintains business continuation.
 Possibilities for ownership and professional growth will increase employee empowerment and job
 Ability to foresee and react more quickly to changing company conditions and client needs in order to
preserve a competitive advantage
 Attracting top personnel for positions that are essential to the business
 Availability of a bigger talent pool across levels and departments, ready to step into leadership roles as
and when needed
 Through succession planning, management and staff can strive toward a common vision, mission, and
set of values.
 A competent and skilled workforce that guarantees corporate success
 A tradition of ongoing learning

Personal Advantages
The following benefits will accrue to participants in this strategic succession planning training program:
 Acquire knowledge to assist firms in enhancing their "Leadership Bench Strength"
 Recognize the fundamentals and significance of strategic succession planning
 Has the information and abilities necessary to plan, develop, and carry out a well-defined Strategic
Succession Planning method or framework.
 Recognize the essential components of a successful succession planning and management system.
 Important aspects of the succession management method
 Recognize the Processes of Continuity in Succession
 Be familiar with family-owned business succession planning
 Understanding the most effective methods for succession planning

Who Should Attend?

This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will especially benefit:

HR Managers
Talent Management Experts
Professionals in Organization Development (OD)
Professionals in learning and development (L & D)
HR Advisors
Line Supervisors


$3,950.00 Fees + VAT as applicable

(including coffee breaks and a buffet lunch daily)

Duration: 10 Days

8th – 19th April, 2024

25th Nov. – 6th Dec, 2024

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