Project Management for Sustainable Development

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Course Overview The obligation to guarantee that project outputs, outcomes, and benefits are sustainable over their entire life cycles, including their development, disposal, and decommissioning, falls on both individuals and organizations. Starting the project with sustainability in mind from the very beginning will prevent it from being compromised or overlooked.

Every area in an organization may benefit from effective project management, and demand for these professionals is rising. The degree is created by seasoned industry professionals and top academics to give you a thorough understanding of how projects are managed and used across industries.

Sustainability gives you the skills to address today's critical concerns and teaches you how to balance the environmental, social, and economic aspects of projects.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training course you will:  

 Examining the philosophy and management techniques required to create programs for sustainable development;

 Examining the sustainable development project management methodology.

 Examining a project's many phases, including identification, formulation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

 Using the tools of law that have been studied to solve case studies.

 Making an examination of the situations that is critical.

Learning Outcomes Participants will be able to:

 Make use of a variety of tools and methods to manage projects and workloads sustainably. Expand your opportunities abroad. Effective team management. By incorporating best practices, use specialized knowledge such as strategy and implementation. Possess a thorough understanding of the theory and techniques of management required to create projects for sustainable development.

 Able to independently assess project management cases.

 Possess the ability to apply newly gained knowledge to real-world situations at all stages of a project cycle, including identification, formulation, implementation, monitoring, and assessment.

 Possess the necessary problem-solving abilities.


$3,950.00 Fees + VAT as applicable

(including coffee breaks and a buffet lunch daily)

Duration: 10 Days

22nd April – 3rd May, 2024

8th – 19th July, 2024

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