Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management


Quality assurance and control are integral components of total quality management systems that ensure that the product or delivery meets the customer’s expectations. It provides guidance and control systems on principles, best practices for organizations to strive for excellence in everything they do. This program will expose participants to the current knowledge and techniques that will enable them to articulate and implement quality improvement processes in the workplace that are in line with the TQM principles.


At the completion of the training participants will:
- Select and apply appropriate techniques in identifying customer needs, as well as the quality impact that will be used as inputs in TQM methodologies;
- Measure the cost of poor quality and process effectiveness and efficiency to track performance quality and to identify areas for improvement;
- Understand proven methodologies to enhance management processes, such as benchmarking and business process reengineering;
- Choose a framework to evaluate the performance excellence of an organization, and determine the set of performance indicators that will align people with the objectives of the organization.


Module 1: Principles of Total Quality Management
Module 2: Quality Defined
Module 3: Diagnosing Quality Problems
Module 4: Tools and Techniques to Improve Quality
Module 5: Quality Management Methodologies
Module 6: TQM Implementation
Module 7: TQM Critical Success Factors
Module 8: Implementing a Culture of Quality – The Role of Total Quality
Module 9: Benefits of Quality Assurance and Control – Improvement Activities for Your Organization

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