Succession Planning

Succession Planning


Business Succession Planning is an important factor for the growth of every organization. Good succession planning process helps keep a watchful eye on your organization and the people all the time and ensures the transfer of corporate knowledge that guarantees the smooth running of your organization.

Target Audience
-  Middle to Senior level staff
-  Managers
-  Supervisors & Team Leaders
-  Heads of Departments

Learning Outcome
 Improved employee engagement and resulting cost/benefits
- Development of a qualified pool of candidates ready to fill key areas and positions
- Better appreciation of employees on the part of managers
- Strategies to transfer Corporate knowledge
- Gains towards meeting employment equity and official goals
- Increased ability to achieve business goals more effectively and efficiently.

Course Benefits
- Helps to identify your most-qualified future leaders
- Creates a solid structure for training and development
- Maintain branding identity
- Helps organizations plan for the long-term
- Guarantee business continuity

Module 1: The Scope of the Stores Department
Module 2: Stores Systems and Procedure
Module 3: Siting a Stores or Stockyard
Module 4: Layout of Buildings
Module 5: Stock & Inventory Records
Module 6: Financial Control of Stock
Module 7: Stores & Inventory Administration

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