Stores and Inventory Management

Stores and Inventory Management

Stores & Inventory Management is a course that investigates Inventory management functions, processes, organization and operations. It also reviews an analysis of stores location, operation, management, controls, procedures, finance, security, materials handling, and productivity.

- Warehouse/Stores Managers
- Procurement Officers
- Distribution, Logistics and Supply Chain Professionals in the private, public and service sectors
-  Stock Accountants,

At the end the training, participants will be able to:
- Manage stores, stockyards and inventory.
- Plan, organize and coordinate inventory work.
- Train, supervise and control stores personnel.
- Understand the principles and purpose on inventory management and control.
- Understand the fundamentals of stock handling.
- Know the costs associated with inventory management.

Module 1: The Scope of the Stores Department
Module 2: Stores Systems and Procedure
Module 3: Siting a Stores or Stockyard
Module 4: Layout of Buildings
Module 5: Stock & Inventory Records
Module 6: Financial Control of Stock
Module 7: Stores & Inventory Administration

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