Dynamic Office Management & Administration



The role of being a professional secretary or administrator keeps changing and requires: excellent office skills, exceptional interpersonal abilities, and first class business communication skills to be able to meet the ever growing corporate demand. What this course seeks to achieve, is to provide key concepts relating to office administration and responsibilities associated with it.

Who should Attend
 Supervisors
 Office Administrators
 Executive Secretaries
 Personal Assistants
 Top-Level Management Secretaries

Course Objectives
 Dynamic Office Management and Administration training helps the organization to understand the importance of effective administration skills
 To develop the skills needed to be a professional secretary
 To enhance your communication and interpersonal skills
 To manage your time efficiently and be able to think proactively
 To learn how to set up and arrange for meetings and take accurate minutes


Office Organization
Arranging Meetings and Taking Minutes
Event Management
Verbal Communication Skills
Written Communication Skills
Time and Stress Management
Travel Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 3 Ways to Improve Office Dynamic

    1. Make a Reliable System for Getting Regular Feedback
      Giving your staff the opportunity to be heard is one of the most effective methods to enhance workplace dynamics. Too many companies lack this simple but critical framework for feedback that works both ways, both down (feedback to your staff) and up (feedback to your management) (feedback from your employees up to management).
    2. Communicate with your employees in an open and honest manner.
      Being straightforward and honest with your staff will undoubtedly help you enhance workplace relations. Authenticity is one of the top traits that effective leaders possess. People like to work with someone they can rely on. They'll be considerably more invested in your purpose and ideals if they can understand how their job contributes to the team's overall aim.
    3. Instill an Appreciation Culture
      A culture that values appreciation seeks to recognize your employees for their efforts and what they mean to you and the company as a whole. It elicits a higher degree of recognition that considers a variety of criteria. Read More

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