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Developing leadership skills is more than learning to be a good manager. Great leadership is first and foremost an “inside job”. Before we can lead others with influence and confidence, we must first find the inner qualities and strengths to lead ourselves with conviction. Leadership from this perspective is a manifestation of our unique personal power, purpose and vision.

Who Should Attend?

This seminar will greatly benefit all individuals who wish to improve their leadership skills and develop their personal power and effectiveness:

·  Managers
·  Team leaders
·  Supervisors
·  Professionals
·  Technical staff


·  View leadership from a new and higher-level perspective
· Discover and analyze your leadership style and tendencies
·  Grow in personal power and effectiveness
·  Discover and build upon your intrinsic leadership qualities
·  Understand, develop and employ the emotional forces within you
·  Develop the critical interpersonal skills essential for leading others
·  Build a culture that promotes innovation & creativity
·  Become familiar with different styles of thinking and identify your personal preferences
·  Develop creativity for transformational leadership
·  Learn how to find out what you don’t know—and solve the real problem
·  Challenge existing approaches to workplace issues
·  Develop flexible creative and well-motivated teams

Course Content

·  The principles of leadership
·  The mind of the leader
·  The heart of the leader
·  The practices of effective leaders
·  The five roles leaders play
·  Leadership self-assessment
·  Rebalance your leadership style for optimal results

Course Features

  • Students 0 student
  • Max Students50
  • Duration10 day
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take courseN/A
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