Corporate and Commercial Law Essentials for Managers and Directors

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Course Format
Course Description

The Corporate and Commercial Law training course will introduce the participants to the theory and practice of international business regulation in a globalized world. It will cover both legal and financial issues, providing the participants with a well-rounded qualification that will help them operate as legal experts in international organization's. This course combines the best aspects of a rigorous, conventional legal education with a modern viewpoint. The program provides the participants with the chance to develop their academic and practical abilities in a field of law that is both competitive and intellectually stimulating. In a supportive setting, the participants will be able to explore their ideas, gain information, and improve transferrable skills. A solid schedule of visiting speakers, outstanding materials and learning tools, top-quality instruction, and a professional and practical focus in a department with a high research reputation will be highly helpful.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training course you will:

  • To develop a solid understanding of the legal foundations of international trade and finance
  • To gain a better understanding of the unique difficulties and key concerns that international business faces today, as well as the international legal frameworks that are in place to address them
  • To develop a working knowledge of the legal framework for business and trade inside regional economic blocs like the European Union
  • To recognize current intellectual discussions and legal advances
  • To record, reflect on, and analyze their learning and professional development
Who Should Attend?

This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will especially benefit:

  • Company managers
  • Corporate lawyers
  • Entrepreneurs and start-up founders
  • Law and Non-Law graduates who desire to pursue a Master’s degree in law
Duration: 10 Days

18th – 29th March, 2024
5th – 16th August, 2024

  • Governance and public law
  • Governmental Organization’s Fundamental Principles
  • Governmental Structure
  • Fundamental rights: what they are and what they do
  • The Legislature’s Structure
  • The judicial system and the judicial process
  • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Transactions and resolution on a global scale
  • Trade and investment law and policy
  • E-commerce Introduction
  • Contracts in an electronic environment
  • Electronic signatures
  • Trouble with payment
  • Protection of the consumer
  • In e-commerce, issues with intellectual property rights.
  • E-commerce taxation
  • Difficulties relating to e-commerce and competition
  • E-commerce and cloud computing
  • Introduction
  • Agreement on Arbitration
  • Commercial arbitration on a global scale
  • Enforcement of arbitral awards
  • The fundamentals of legal research
  • Problem-solving, design, and sampling
  • Methodology and instruments for research
  • Writing legal documents
  • The process of globalization and its consequences
  • Theoretical law
  • Issues of policy
  • In the context of globalisation, human rights
  • Harmonization of the legal system
  • Introduction Shares
  • Contracts for security
  • Board of Securities and Exchange
  • The act of depositories
  • International investment law’s fundamentals
  • Law regarding patents
  • Law relating to copyright
  • Law relating to trademarks
  • Law relating to geographical indications
  • An overview of corporate governance
  • Corporate governance legislative framework
  • Directors’ Board of Directors
  • Other stakeholders and corporate governance
  • Internal control and risk management
  • Corporate frauds
  • Social Responsibility in the Workplace
  • How to improve your writing and presentation abilities?
  • Presentation on legal precedents
  • Camp for legal education

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